We Don’t Need Vanity-Driven MOOC 4.0 Hype

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  1. Eilif Trondsen
    Eilif Trondsen says:

    Great post, Phil. Totally agree that we don’t need unnecessary hype. We have had enough of it over the years. And there are plenty of interesting and positive edtech developments around the world, so we don’t need hype that the media will later come and use to undermine edtech’s credibility. But, of course, PR/Marketing folks often get carried away, and think that these unrealistic claims will help them reach their sales goals, but IMHO they do more harm than good.

  2. Eilif Trondsen
    Eilif Trondsen says:

    BTW, I wrote a report (for Silicon Vikings) on AR/VR in education (in the Nordics) some years back, and in the report I noted the many wild market forecasts for AR/VR. Forecasts by market analysis firms were all over the place, and totally unrealistic. Now, of course, we are in the “Metaverse Hype Cycle” and there are plenty of “entertaining posts” out there on how this industry will take over the world. And most of those commenting don’t seem to even know about what happened to Second Life over a decade ago.

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