Traversing the Edge of Chaos: Phase 3 and 4 preparations for post COVID-19 world

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    LP says:

    Thank you for this post. This and the previous one are of great interest to me.

    I’ve taught online in the past, so luckily the unanticipated transition to online learning this semester has gone relatively smoothly for me, although it has taken a lot of time to help students who never signed up to take online courses eased into learning remotely.

    I have scheduled a short, optional-but-recommended synchronous session every Tuesday and Thursday during class time, however. Even though nearly everything I’ve read has generally discouraged it, I have had unanimously positive feedback from my students who appreciate it for how easy it’s made it for them to connect with me and with their classmates, and how it provides a forum for questions and assistance as they work through the class materials on their own otherwise. Multiple times students have said they wish their professors were doing something similar, and were dismayed that they weren’t. I do take attendance during these sessions, but I also take a hastily emailed “I can’t make it” as a legitimate excuse, even though I wouldn’t do that in person.

    One thing that I recommend to my students who don’t have much more than their phone to work with is an inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard. It is so much easier to write in either Google Docs or even a note-taking app when have a fully visible phone screen and a relatively decent sized keyboard.

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