Three Charts That Help Explain the 2U / edX Acquisition

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    • Phil Hill
      Phil Hill says:

      I think these moves signify a wave of investor activity that will continue (more acquisitions, more IPOs, more sales), and I think it is changing product categories, with online ed support expanding, particularly adding short courses and certificates to degrees. But I do not liken it to the 2011 activity that was driven by the for-profit sector’s over expansion coming at the time of students becoming price-sensitive and significant regulatory activity and pressure. If anything, I think the current wave of activity is healthier than the same markets (OPMs, student lead generation, online options in general) a decade ago. But we need to keep watching.

  1. Jiho Yang
    Jiho Yang says:

    Thanks for a great summary and insight into the motivation behind the move. I recently got interested in EdTech firms, especially MOOCs. Reading what you talked about the differences between Coursera and edX, I was wondering if there’s any article/blog post discussing Coursera’s strategy and its evolution in detail, other than the EdSurge article.

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