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Pearson Sells Its OPM Business

Big changes are happening in the OPM world. Let’s get to the news. Was this forwarded to you by a friend? Sign up, and get your own copy of the news that mattered sent to your inbox every week. Sign up for the On EdTech newsletter Interested…

UMass Online Does Something With Someone

What exactly does partner mean in this announcement? #MindWiresOnline

UMass Online Does Something With Someone (podcast)

Last week we saw a classic announcement-without-details from UMass Online (UMOL), the centralized online education unit of the UMass system, and Brandman University, the working-adult school created by Chapman University. As described in the…

Online Program Management: An updated view of the market landscape for 2019

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share an updated view of the Online Program Management (OPM) market in a webinar with WCET. There were too many questions to fully address during the session, and we are planning a joint blog post to address…

The Century Foundation on Online Education and OPMs: Position paper masquerading as a study

A position paper from activists masquerading as a 'study' - flawed analysis but valuable public records on contracts