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Three Initial Takeaways from the GAO Report on OPMs

The long-awaited report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on the US Department of Education (ED) oversight over Online Program Management (OPM) contracts is out, and as most observers have stated, it is a fairly neutral report…

2021 Year in Review at PhilOnEdTech

It's been another great year . . . well, it's been another year at least at PhilOnEdTech. As most work is shutting down for the holidays, let's look back at both the most read and least read posts of the year. With the data below, I have combined…

Penn State Report on OPMs Aims to Inform Policy Makers

In February of this year, Doug Lederman at Inside Higher Ed described work for an upcoming report, requested by a US Senator, about the OPM market. Lederman initially contrasted this work with the partisan approach taken by Senators Warren…

Purdue University Global Breaks Even for the First Time in FY2021

For the year ending June 30, 2021, PUG increased its net position by $4.3m in a major milestone

UNC System Bets $97 million on Creating an Internal OPM

Yet another state discovers that working adult students might need online options.

Additional Points on 2U’s Acquisition of edX

The personal vs. institutional view, and a change in identity

Notes on FutureU Podast “Explained: What is an OPM?”

New episode of FutureU based on interview with me and hosts Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn

Brandman University Completes Transition as UMass Global

A new form of global campus, without the OPM #MindWiresOnline