LMS Roadmap Updates: Moodle focuses on UX and Canvas cancels Insights (née DIG) (podcast)

Pre-conference news on Moodle and Canvas roadmap decisions #MindWiresLMS

State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Year-End 2019 Edition

It has now been a dozen years of sharing the LMS Market share graphic, commonly known as the squid diagram. With the release of our Year-End 2019 report this week to subscribers, it’s time for us to look at updates on the institutional LMS…

Why Instructure’s News Matters: Market history

Instructure announced review of alternatives that might include being sold. Some historical context.

LMS Decommissions: A view of lost clients and campus closures

We talk a lot about which LMS solution is winning deals, but who is losing customers?

Addressing the Decline of Open Source LMS for #altc Discussion

Updated data shows the continuing dominance of Moodle and general decline of open source LMS solutions.