July 30, 2019: The day the OPM market changed

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  1. Jim Lummus
    Jim Lummus says:

    A huge part of their problem is price. They are on the wrong side of history. History teaches us that with increased competition and supply, prices come down. Their entire cost structure is based on procuring these high prices from students. Despite having legacy programs that were significant, their business model does not lend itself to scale, in my opinion. Scale comes from serving the masses and the masses can’t afford their programs. The scale in the OPM world comes where there is access and affordability. Perhaps their new diversification approach will prove to be what makes the difference for them. All that said, I do agree with the research data that online is regionalizing and these legacy national programs will continue to struggle to maintain their positions unless they are extremely competitive in terms of not only price, but also program attributes. Times, they are a changin’…

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