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InstructureCon 2019: A study in contrasts

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  1. Mathieu Plourde
    Mathieu Plourde says:

    Yeah, feature parity with the current quiz engine is an absolute deal breaker. So many programs have accumulated all these courses in the Canvas platform over a decade that there is no way this migration can be done without making sure that the migration is flawless. Or else, everyone will be double and triple-checking, and most of that work will fall on the Instructure professional services team, at the expense of actual revenue-generating projects.

  2. Erin Wadsworth-Anderson
    Erin Wadsworth-Anderson says:

    I heartily agree with you! You touched on this a bit, but I felt that the move from Keystone made the conference feel corporate and cold. Although in a beautiful location, I felt for the first time that I was just a number – this started from the get-go with the printing out of my name to stick to my name tag. I know that this may have been necessary, considering the number of people attending the conference, but I was disappointed nonetheless. Where was the amazing “Field Guide” name tag I’ve become accustomed to (Camp Canvas will always be my favorite)?
    I was also confused by the mentions of Quizzes.Next – at different times I it was referred to as Quizzes.Next, New Quizzes and just Quizzes. Don’t get me started on the things that are missing, broken, or just plain wrong with that tool.
    Anyway, that was a long way of saying that I’m with you and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

  3. Phil Hill
    Phil Hill says:

    Interesting point, Mathieu. I did talk to a few schools who said it was not feature parity they wanted, but they were relatively new clients. That might be a differentiator (length of Canvas usage and therefore course history).

    Thanks for feedback, Erin – well stated. One of our questions was about how to handle the different feel given venue change and #s of attendees. The reaction was surprising in denying a real change in feel. Checked back two days later and got more realistic view, but still surprising. It is difficult when you get up to 3,000 attendees. What did you think about the partner hall and events?

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