Coursera, 2U, and the Emerging Education Platform Market

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  1. GalleryP
    GalleryP says:

    Great, informative article. One point you didn’t mention is that neither Coursera, nor 2U, nor edX is profitable, or even within a shout of being profitable. I guess as long as the public market doesn’t care, we shouldn’t, either. And if edX’s campus partners worry about associating with a for-profit venture, maybe they should take a look at 2U’s financials.

    • GalleryP
      GalleryP says:

      Thanks. Many unprofitable companies “adjust” their results for investors. I guess this all depends on what you decide to believe, and right now, the market must believe these adjusted numbers (as it does for many unprofitable companies.) Not sure I do, and those in charge at MIT for edX must have had their doubts as well so they decided to cash out.

  2. Joseph Navarro
    Joseph Navarro says:

    I worked fir 2U in Los Angeles. Culture was from the East Coast & the cost of the degree programs were super expensive. Resigned only after a couple of weeks.

  3. Dahn Edward Shaulis
    Dahn Edward Shaulis says:

    Phil, everything has become for-profit in higher education. And that’s the gist of the second phase of the College Meltdown. Just take a look at the other developments, including the growth of Guild Education and the formation of Class Acceleration Corporation (CLAS.U), a special-purpose acquisition company.

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