CourseGateway: They knew the solution all along

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  1. Jeff Alderson
    Jeff Alderson says:

    “ MindWires used to be a grantee of the Gates Foundation from 2013 – 2018.”

    I think this fact, and why the relationship began, ended, and what purpose it served, would be a great candidate for the next article in your Gates Foundation series.

  2. Gregory Beyrer
    Gregory Beyrer says:

    Phil, your articles consistently provide thoughtful analysis backed by meaningful data. This advocate of technology in education is grateful to have access to fair commentary like yours.

  3. Alison Pendergast
    Alison Pendergast says:

    Hi Phil – I think you know that I am the Senior Program Officer working on these courseware-related initiatives. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our goals and answer any questions you have. At the core, we are committed to helping Black, Latino, and Indigenous students, and students experiencing poverty equitably achieve a quality credential or degree. One (of many) focus areas is working with institutions, organizations, associations, and people who are developing innovations in equity-centered teaching practices and digital learning tools and curricula. I would encourage you to dig into the good work of Every Learner Everywhere. With specific regard to Coursegateway, it is simply a tool to help faculty discover, evaluate, select, and implement quality digital learning tools and implementation best practices. This is an extension of the work we did together on the Next Gen Courseware Challenge and courseware-in-context framework. The Tyton research you reference above is the longitudinal research we support and make available to the field to see trends in teaching and learning. The EBT research is one way to look at the impact of digital learning curriculum tools like courseware and how it supports faculty practice. The use of EBTs is not a measure of the ultimate efficacy of courseware in closing gaps. We also continue to invest in educational research to help build the evidence base for what works in what context with our focus students. Hope this helps clarify. Feel free to give me a shout if you want to discuss this further. We deeply value your insights and expertise…

    • Phil Hill
      Phil Hill says:

      Hi Alison, good to hear from you and thanks for the comment. I appreciate the offer to answer any questions I have, as well as the description of goals in the comment. I think it would benefit the community to do this in public, however. Would you be open to an email Q&A that would then be collected into a blog post? You could also provide an introduction (perhaps your comment above) that would be included with the Q&A. Let me know.

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