Concordia University Portland Closure: There’s more to the story

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  1. Jason Johnston
    Jason Johnston says:

    Phil – thank you for this article. I think increased transparency on this issue is important for the health of higher education right now. I believe you nailed it that this was at core a contract issue, not an enrollment issue. If I’m reading this public court document correctly from 2015, Concordia was under contract for 75% of their tuition to HotChalk (p.8) “plus other per-student, incentive payments” (p.13). Maybe the increase over time was getting them up to this amount. As long as growth continues, then a school can pay last semester’s bill from this semester’s tuition growth. As soon growth slows or reverses, it all falls apart for the school.

  2. William Beaulieu
    William Beaulieu says:

    These two associated articles do a good job at helping people catch up on this issue publicly, but they both fall through in critical areas surrounding how Concordia University Portland’s financial foundations were destabilized & by many observers on sight aligned for takeover in a number of ways. This ominous financial forecast tells us only one small part of that story but leaves out others which demonstrate what some seem to describe as industry intentions toward illicit gains beyond onerous contract bounds.

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