Clay Shirky on Mega-Universities and Scale

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  1. Martin Weller
    Martin Weller says:

    While I wouldn’t disagree with some of this analysis, it is very US focused and it ignores the tradition of large distance ed universities elsewhere in the world. The US is something of an oddity, rather than the norm, in not having a national large scale distance ed/open university. If you look at Turkey, China, UK, etc then you do indeed see mega-universities, but they are not a new invention, and indeed the shift to online may have challenged their status by providing more competition. But I’d be cautious in extrapolating from the US context because that is not typical to the rest of the world.

    • Phil Hill
      Phil Hill says:

      Excellent point, Martin. The discussion, data, and post were based on US, not meant to extrapolate. Meaning that an interesting question is why US is oddity in the way you suggest.

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