Clarification on 2U and Its Role as a Target

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  1. Steve Jenks
    Steve Jenks says:

    I also was frustrated by the cherry-picked information found in the Berkeley contract to make statements like “2U paid UC Berkeley $4.2 million to enable marketing a similar master’s degree program at SMU for students who are not accepted or do not enroll at Berkeley.” The actual text of the contract explicitly said students had to opt in to be offered information about similar programs, including students who were not accepted, did not enroll, did not complete applications, or otherwise may have been interested in another program. The sample email that applicants would receive (which said “sample” at the top) was for SMU, but that 4.2m was likely spread across marketing for many schools – who all likely had similar compensation for THEIR applicants as well. Even when I worked in undergraduate admissions on a college campus, we looked for students who would be the best fit for our campus and who we were the best fit for their needs, even if it wasn’t us. Giving the students the option to learn about programs they might not have known about or considered in order to find the best fit for their needs is a positive in the student experience, in my opinion.

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