Blackboard Wins in Alabama, Remarkable Canvas Streak Is Over

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  1. Paul Jacobelli
    Paul Jacobelli says:

    It would seem to me that with the added labor-intensive support services like IT help desk, retention coaching, and professional development software and solutions the straight-up software margins will be much reduced. I wonder if Canvas just wasn’t that much into Alabama to consider adding the extra cost-centers in to match the Bb package.

  2. Concerned Alabamian
    Concerned Alabamian says:

    This process was not done on the up and up. One person wanted a result and regardless of what the rest wanted he was going to change the process and skew the numbers until that result was feasible. The schools did not want Blackboard. Looking at the data, the committee did not want Blackboard. The cost only supports Blackboard when comparing apples to Smurfberries. An auditor needs to look at this entire RFP process since there were so many improprieties from the beginning to the very end. The poor chancellor thinks this will save $2.5 million, wait until he finds out about the additional costs for a video platform that was not included and the 24/7 tech support that was not included, and the fact that the other tools selected this day are not even supported by Blackboard Ultra. Someone needs to check this and make sure everything was done properly and in the best interest of the STUDENTS.

  3. James
    James says:

    @Concerned Alabamian In the past I remember seeing similar comments like this when state systems chose Canvas. My my, how the tables have turned. Tell everyone at Canvas HQ hello!

  4. Rand Armbrester
    Rand Armbrester says:

    I am an instructor in one of the ACCS schools now using Blackboard Ultra. There are headaches coming with the instructors having to rebuild their courses using Ultra. There is going to be a huge amount of effort and time involved. It is an additional burden our employees will go through on top of the change to Banner and dealing with the problems of the pandemic. Our instructors have had numerous complaints about BB Ultra especially problems with the grade book. It needs fixing, as we say here in the south.

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