Blackboard Has Worst LMS Problem in Years, Taking K-12 District Offline for Days

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  1. James
    James says:

    Some custom themes and building blocks hardly make the system “highly-customized.” Anyway, I think this will be good for Blackboard if they leverage it the right way. So many times educational customers operate with the mindset “I know what’s best, not the vendor” which I guess is fine when you have guaranteed federal dollars flowing in. However, Blackboard can now use this to say “you shouldn’t be on a version from 3 years ago” and “you shouldn’t share out unauthenticated Collaborate links.” Then when some admin or overpaid director comes back and says “no we are sticking with what we have” they can just show them this whole debacle.

    Also, FCPS fired their CTO of something like 20 years because of this. Probably because that team made decisions that put them in this situation. Bravo. Truly great leadership. Glad my property taxes could help make the difference.

  2. Phil Hill
    Phil Hill says:

    Thanks for input, James, and I agree that this could be good for Blackboard if handled well. I would add that the company might take a more realistic approach on the number of deployment models they can support.

    As for the “highly-customized” comment, I admit that I do not know the details of that implementation. My description is based on Blackboard interview and multiple news articles. Fair point.

  3. GalleryP
    GalleryP says:

    Like any mature commercial shop, Blackboard is reluctant to lay any blame on a customer. While I don’t know the extent of the customizations, in my experience they are almost always a bad idea as they often prevent the customer from taking advantage of fixes/upgrades due to either the work or expense involved. Is that the case here? And in this particular case, since the district is planning to migrate to Schoology anyway, I can see them deciding to defer the work and expense of updating their version of Learn. With hindsight, of course, this was a bad decision.

  4. Joseph Bishop
    Joseph Bishop says:

    Schoology is not out of the box. If it cannot be ready until July 2021…which means that is when the teachers will be forced to become IT staff uploading their lessons onto a new system.

    As a parent, I currently see the 2020-2021 school year as a disaster and we are still in disaster mode on this year.

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