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Byju’s Makes Its Move to Acquire 2U

In mid May I wrote a post “The Market Fall of EdTech Will Have Non-Financial Impacts” that included this observation: I’m not a financial analyst, and I care more about company strategy and operational capabilities. One thing it means is that we should expect increased M&A activity, both from healthier companies buying others for a bargain […]

The Post-Covid New Normal is Looking Bipolar

It’s been a while since I last posted, partially as I’m trying to make sense of new data and anecdotes coming in around that crucial measure of organizational viability for higher ed institutions – enrollments. In that post I combined IPEDS and National Student Clearinghouse enrollment data, showing that while total enrollments were already going […]

Combined US Higher Education Enrollment Fall 2012 – Spring 2022

The two best sources for enrollment data for US Higher Education are the Department of Education’s IPEDS data set and the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) reports. The NSC shares both the Current Term Enrollment Estimates reports (May and December) and ongoing Stay Informed estimates during the spring and fall terms as data comes in. IPEDS: […]

About the Class Technologies Acquisition of Blackboard Collaborate

Anthology, which acquired Blackboard in the fall, or more accurately whose private equity primary owner Veritas Capital acquired Blackboard and combined with Anthology in the fall, announced a new deal with Class Technologies. Class is the company founded and run by Blackboard co-founder and former CEO Michael Chasen that provides education-specific virtual classroom software on […]

The Market Fall of EdTech Will Have Non-Financial Impacts

Two weeks ago I posted a Twitter thread noting just how much publicly-traded EdTech stocks have fallen since last Spring, using Coursera’s March 31, 2021 IPO as a comparison date. My main point was that this situation will have impacts beyond company and investor finances. Derek Newton expanded on this thread at Forbes with yesterday’s […]

Three Initial Takeaways from the GAO Report on OPMs

The long-awaited report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on the US Department of Education (ED) oversight over Online Program Management (OPM) contracts is out, and as most observers have stated, it is a fairly neutral report with no bombshells. You can access the full report here and Inside Higher Ed’s early coverage here. The […]

Additional Clarity into Regulatory Activism in Education

Last week I described a trend that I believe will have an enormous impact on education, particularly for nontraditional and online models. We all knew that the US Department of Education (ED) would change its regulatory approach with the new administration, and it has been virtually axiomatic that they would directly target the for-profit sector. […]