Alternative View: More than 50% of US Higher Ed students took at least one online course in 2019-20

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  1. Marina Teramond @ NMPL
    Marina Teramond @ NMPL says:

    To tell the truth, this news that In academic year 2019-20, the percent of students enrolled in distance education courses in postsecondary institutions was 51.8% is not so surprising because, I think, that online learning had been in demand before the pandemic due to a lot of factors. Of course, now it has gained special high popularity due to the fact that it became a compulsory measure in a lot of aspects, but it’s not right to underestimate the relevance of online education. From my point of view, there are a lot of facts confirming its efficiency. This information and statistics can amaze you in some aspects, but on the other hand it is not strange and we need to delve into the things, seeing the true reasons for such a state of Affairs.

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