A View From The Trenches: The ‘second phase’ of the COVID-19 transition to remote learning

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  1. Brad Franklin
    Brad Franklin says:

    Thank you for the great insight, information, and perspective. And for the apt Star Trek reference. Those tribbles do get out of hand… you might say, they go viral.

    • Kevin Kelly
      Kevin Kelly says:

      Thanks, Brad! I encourage you to share any tips you have for teachers, students or staff (at any edu level, K-infinity) who must adapt to remote modalities for teaching, learning and working.

  2. Vivienne McClendon
    Vivienne McClendon says:

    Kevin, Great job at capturing the various moving parts. My university just moved online this week, and your take on process and people will be very helpful in reflecting on what comes next.

    • Kevin Kelly
      Kevin Kelly says:

      Thanks, Vivienne. There’s still a lot to do in the “now,” but I look forward to exploring what comes next with you and everyone else who’s interested!

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