Visualizing Fall 2020 US Higher Education Plans

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  1. Peter Shea
    Peter Shea says:

    Phil – I was looking at that Chronicle data yesterday. I think its misleading. I think most of the campuses that will have students returning to campus in the Fall will also have many, many more online courses and that “in-person” category needs to be far more nuanced. From my experience, campuses are planning for more many online, more blended, closing earlier, and have a pivot back to remote in the works if need be, even where they are advertising “in-person”. Lumping all that under planning for in person misses the bigger picture that is reshaping higher education nationally and globally.

    • Tom Cavanagh
      Tom Cavanagh says:

      Peter makes a good point. As a school referenced above (UCF), we are planning additional “regular” online courses, converted “remote” courses, blended courses, and face-to-face courses. Those courses with face-to-face elements will also include redundant online strategies to allow for social distancing and students swirling in and out due to expected needs to self-isolate. We are also going completely remote after Thanksgiving. Thus, to say that we are planning to be online or planning to be face-to-face misses the complexity of the actual campus plan.

  2. Phil Hill
    Phil Hill says:

    Peter, Tom, John (and others on Twitter) – I agree that the Chronicle coding of data, particularly the in-person category, misses much of the complexity of school decisions. I’ll see if I can modify the visualizations accordingly, as long as I don’t have to recategorize all data points..

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