US Higher Ed Set to Go Fully Online in Just Four Weeks Due to COVID-19

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  1. Pat James
    Pat James says:

    Hi Phil
    It’s so great that you are doing this, thank you!
    I would like to encourage colleges to consider what they want to learn from this experience and get some models going for collecting information about what worked and what didn’t —before disaggregation is a problem later.

    Also, I wish we would call conversion efforts “remote teaching” or “remote courses” rather than fully-online. I just have to say it because what we have been practicing as online education is so different than what is being shifted right now. We are working hard at reminding people not to judge the quality of online education by this remote work. “Fully-online” works here because you are speaking about data. I just felt the need to mention the difference. Forgive me!
    Thanks! Pat

      • Pat James
        Pat James says:

        We are a touchy bunch! Always a bit on the defensive and for good reason! However, the data collection models part is a real concern I have after our inability in the early days of the OEI Ecosystem being able to figure out what was working the best. Even though we had separate groups testing different components, they also had access to the course design rubric and were converting to Canvas (hence, revising courses by necessity). We couldn’t disaggregate the data and it would be hard now to find out what the result was in all of our system-wide online classes doing some refresh when they went to Canvas.
        Keep doing your great work!

  2. Steve Addison
    Steve Addison says:

    Any trends that you are seeing with regard to experiential courses such as engineering lab courses?

    • Phil Hill
      Phil Hill says:

      Steve, I don’t have data on experiential course trends, unfortunately. I have seen discussions around schools scrambling to consider tools like Labster but without the type of consensus as seen around Zoom for synchronous video sessions.

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