Update on US Higher Education Enrollment Estimates

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  1. Kate Worlock
    Kate Worlock says:

    Hi Phil – that broadly aligns with my assumptions too. Might even be better than that: Doug Shapiro, Executive Director of the NSC’s Research Center, said in a blog post that “we might see some improvement in the freshman numbers in the fall”. He also noted that “we’ll have to wait until December, when we have enrolment data in from colleges and universities, to see if that hope is realized.”
    The other useful piece from the NSC is an earlier report that looks at student retention and persistence which it says are returning to pre-pandemic levels. Since the US undergraduate enrolment decline was more connected to students dropping out than lower numbers of incoming undergraduates, this suggests a more stable picture for enrolments moving forward. It’s still a shockingly low rate though, suggesting that institutions have a lot more to do to support and encourage students to complete their studies.

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