UNC Reversal: Phase 3 of COVID Transition is Getting Bumpy

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  1. Paul Jacobelli
    Paul Jacobelli says:

    It was clear to many of us who were fielding calls from K-12, Higher Ed, corporations, non-profits and independent training consultants that “It’s a shitshow in the making,” (Prof. David Paltiel, Yale). Aside from the money-making programs most colleges and universities had little else online. K-12 had far less. Corporate and all the rest still mostly think online learning is converting their turgid PowerPoints.

    There wasn’t enough time and nowhere near enough budget to prepare the campus properly or build out the online offering. Most took some middle-road compromise and hoped for the best. And here we are. Exactly where many said we would be.

    You don’t get home insurance on half the house hoping that if a fire breaks out it does so in the part you insured. You insure the whole flipping house. And yes, if you’re like my Dad, after 30 years you will probably complain that you paid for all that insurance and never used it.

    Getting your eLearning program up and running was like getting house insurance. But, in this case you could use it for the next 30 years.

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