Two out of five US college presidents already considering online options for Fall 2020 term

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  1. Ezra Freelove
    Ezra Freelove says:

    My approach would be to plan for the worst. It is better to have the capability of quality online instruction in place and ready to go should it be needed than to get caught flatfooted again. This spring was a wake up call. This fall is the time to heed that call.

  2. Gilly Salmon
    Gilly Salmon says:

    thanks for this analysis and insights. No survey here in the UK that Ive seen , but I suspect maybe similar responses – and little contingency planning …at the present main focus in the exams that would have taken May-June.
    In the research and online community- lots of concerns about getting beyond emergency responses to quality online.

  3. Mariam R AlZaabi
    Mariam R AlZaabi says:

    i believe most schools will announce officially that they will implement the online classes very soon

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