Traversing the Edge of Chaos: Phase 1 and 2 preparations for post COVID-19 world

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  1. Roxann
    Roxann says:

    The Health and Wellness of students & faculty is a critical area that sadly has not received enough attention, or at best discussed disproportionately to the technological aspects of rapidly transitioning to remote education, esp. video conferencing issues that are garnering extraordinary high attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. High stress for university students was already at a crisis level pre-COVID-19. Post traumatic stress issues, will most likely arise and put additional pressure on the already limited mental health services for students and faculty. Thankfully, many universities/colleges have already transitioned some of their F2F psychological services to online types of help and support.

    Mark Brackett, as you note above, the Yale University survey, is noteworthy in revealing the already present high levels of stress and anxiety. NY Gov Andrew Cuomo has praised HeadSpace, a mindfulness App and website, for helping all NY residents deal with anxiety and stress during the current pandemic. Many universities, including NYU, UCLA, and more, in good faith, have already made available health and wellness types of apps for students. What universities will need in addition to the above, is to deeply think about developing a comprehensive campus /community plan for returning students and faculty/staff safely to the physical campus at sometime in the near future. This plan will most likely be included one of the phases you detailed and mentioned above, and in future posts. Thank you for providing keen insight.

    • Kevin Kelly
      Kevin Kelly says:

      Hi Roxann,
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I mentioned HeadSpace in a previous post, and it could indeed be part of a campus-wide plan to support health and wellness for faculty, students and staff. I will make sure to mention your idea about “safe return to campus” plans in the next post!
      Best wishes, Kevin

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