The Unlikeliest Scenario: Fully face-to-face programs in Fall 2020

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  1. Martin Smith
    Martin Smith says:

    As always, thought provoking Phil.

    I feel the emerging key role of content is missing from this debate. To date, institutions have invested vast sums into physical architectures with campus buildings, libraries, student accommodation, sports facilities etc. If only a small fraction of that investment had gone into creating information architectures, and domains of more flexible learning materials that use them. Established examples of this appraoch are CNX, UKOU, University of London International Programmes and EdX.

    We are about to see a scramble to create new repositories of blended leanring materials. These will have varying degrees of quality. “Phase 5” might perhaps be a “Proving Quality” phase, where the work is done to ensure that tutors can actually use, and students can actaully learn from these new online courses.

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