UMass Online Does Something With Someone

What exactly does partner mean in this announcement? #MindWiresOnline

UMass Online Does Something With Someone (podcast)

Last week we saw a classic announcement-without-details from UMass Online (UMOL), the centralized online education unit of the UMass system, and Brandman University, the working-adult school created by Chapman University. As described in the…

Purdue University's System-wide OPM Contract With Kaplan Higher Ed

And you thought Kaplan was only helping Purdue Global . . . nope, it's system-wide #MindWiresOPM

Postscript on Purdue University Global Post

Clarifications from Purdue - $43m is the relevant loss number for 2019. #MindWiresOPM

Purdue University Global Loses $43 million in First Full Year Since Kaplan Transfer

Losses of $43 million with declining enrollment (but with signs of stabilization)