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Enrollments are declining: is it necessarily a bad thing?

Today Magic EdTech released a new episode in their Tech in EdTech podcast, where host Dipesh Jain interviewed me regarding enrollment analysis, with a unique angle asking if the decline in US postsecondary enrollment is necessarily a bad thing.…

OPM Market Forces: Lower revenue sharing and contract length

In multiple podcast interviews, interviews with GAO researchers and investors, blog posts, and keynotes, I have pushed back on the popular but flawed narrative that the Online Program Management (OPM) market is moving away from tuition revenue…

Talking OPM Market and Institution Strategy

Last week I attended the WCET annual meeting in Denver - perhaps my favorite conference of the year in terms of quality of conversations and me staying through each session - and I thoroughly enjoyed the general session panel I was on, "Mad…

Podcast Interview: Distance Learning in Higher Education

Mike Bergin and Amy Seeley host a podcast called Tests and the Rest which discusses "the latest issues in testing, admissions, learning, and education with leading experts." I recently was interviewed on this podcast on the topic of Distance…

MindWires Musings: Observations on Virtual Events

Is it a blog or a podcast or a setup for reader comments? We don't know, but we've enjoyed the conversation so far.

Podcast Updates: POET Readings and new episode “Enter Darkness” at COVID Transitions

New episode for COVID Transitions, and a new podcast Blog Readings of PhilOnEdTech #MindWires

COVID Transitions Podcast Launch

MindWires COVID Transitions: We're launching a new podcast #MindWiresOnline