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The End of the Road for Zovio as an OPM

This is the endMy only friend, the endOf our elaborate plans, the end - James Douglas Morrison As was widely reported yesterday, we now have a resolution on the end of the Zovio / UAGC relationship, with UAGC buying out Zovio's single-customer…

Clarification on 2U and Its Role as a Target

I've gotten a lot of feedback on yesterday's OPM Market Landscape and Dynamics post, particularly around the changes to the Mad Max diagram. There is one clarification I want to make on the protrayal of 2U, which is important in terms of the…

OPM Market Landscape and Dynamics: Summer 2022 updates

This year has shown the increasing dangers of the Online Program Management (OPM) market, based on financial market pressures and increasingly likely regulatory activity. While I expect some concrete changes in the next four months (leading…

Notes on FutureU Podast “Explained: What is an OPM?”

New episode of FutureU based on interview with me and hosts Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn

OPM Market Landscape and Dynamics: Summer 2021 updates

The end of Summer 2021 brings updates to the OPM market and our graphics #MindWiresOPM

Purdue Global Postscript: About the reduced student support spending

Reducing student support expenses while increasing enrollment and reducing drop rates #MindWiresOPM

Coursera’s IPO: Putting the company’s market cap in perspective

Coursera goes big on first day as publicly-traded company #MindWiresOnline