Additional Points on 2U's Acquisition of edX

The personal vs. institutional view, and a change in identity

Notes on FutureU Podast "Explained: What is an OPM?"

New episode of FutureU based on interview with me and hosts Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn

Brandman University Completes Transition as UMass Global

A new form of global campus, without the OPM #MindWiresOnline

OPM Market Landscape and Dynamics: Summer 2021 updates

The end of Summer 2021 brings updates to the OPM market and our graphics #MindWiresOPM

UAGC Updates: Multi-step merger and financial updates

Hoping for more actual transparency in UAGC operations.

Three Charts That Help Explain the 2U / edX Acquisition

At the risk of a clickbait headline, an attempt to put the acquisition in context #MindWiresOnline