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UAGC Updates: Multi-step merger and financial updates

Hoping for more actual transparency in UAGC operations.

Three Charts That Help Explain the 2U / edX Acquisition

At the risk of a clickbait headline, an attempt to put the acquisition in context #MindWiresOnline

Purdue Global Postscript: About the reduced student support spending

Reducing student support expenses while increasing enrollment and reducing drop rates #MindWiresOPM

Calbright College Premortem, Part 2: Better management of flawed assumptions

A new & improved management team won't cut it if the underlying assumptions are flawed

Calbright College Premortem, Part 1: Both sides dig in

Both sides arguing whether to shut down Calbright College or not dig in

Spring 2021 Enrollment Update: The flight to heavily online institutions

Worse news than expected unless your institution was already heavily invested in online education

Re-integration: The new phase in Covid response by education

Extending the multi-phase outlook of education's Covid responses and calling out "re-integration" challenge