BbWorld 2019: Multiple signs of progress but questionable results

A much better conference than last year, with progress on many fronts . . . but does it matter?

Postscript on D2L Fusion and LMS Market Slowdown

Despite some wins for D2L this summer, we maintain our view that the LMS market has slowed down since last year with fewer competitive bids available.
Social promo image of D2L Fusion conference

D2L Fusion: Continuing product approach and market differentiation

D2L continues its recent path of product improvements and partnership approach, but in the market they're running in place.
InstructureCon Keynote and Purpose

InstructureCon 2019: A study in contrasts

Instructure is going through changes, with contrasting views apparent between 2015 and 2019 and between executives and staff.

Schoology NEXT 2019: Increased focus on K-12 LMS Market

Schoology focuses on its K-12 roots and shows increasing market strength

2019: The year that Blackboard Learn Ultra is fully in production

As I was planning my conference time for this summer's LMS user conferences, something struck me with the BbWorld19 agenda that needs to be stated publicly and explicitly. Our five-year journey of Learn Ultra is coming / Learn Ultra is late…

Update on Academic LMS Market Slowdown

The trend continues for the academic LMS market - slower than last year - and we're about to find out if this trend will reverse.

USciences eLearning Conference: Keynote on future of learning platforms

At the recent University of the Sciences eLearning 3.0 conference in Philadelphia, held in conjunction with the Northeast eLearning Consortium, I had the opportunity to present a keynote on the future of learning platforms. Rod Murray, publisher…