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Helping Students to be Successful (Resilient) Online and Hybrid Learners During COVID Transitions (podcast)

Kevin Kelly: more than just a couple of bullets about how to help students be more successful, resilient learners this fall #MindWiresOnline

Upcoming Events and Recent Podcasts – April through June 2020 (podcast)

Original blog post: https://philonedtech.com/upcoming-events-and-recent-podcasts-june-2020/ I have some free events that readers may be interested in, that either were published in the past few weeks or are scheduled in the next few weeks.…

Instructure Restructure: Significant layoffs hitting Canvas side of the business (podcast)

Despite the fact that private equity firms usually lay off lots of people, Thoma Bravo, the new expected owner, has promised that it won’t reduce Instructure’s staff on the new path to profitability. That plan was never realistic…

Making Sense of the Many College Student COVID-19 Surveys (podcast)

Kevin Kelly: A look at student surveys on COVID-driven changes to higher education #MindWiresOnline

Further Clarity on Hybridization from Recent Announcements (podcast)

I would assume that over the next week or two, we’re going to start seeing a lot more news out of higher education on how schools are choosing to plan for the fall. And hopefully they’ll be more definitive than what we’ve seen in many…

The COVID-Fueled Hybridization of Higher Ed (podcast)

Despite the false dichotomy often presented in news reports and opinion articles of online vs. face-to-face, or online OR face-to-face, what we are often seeing in reality with Fall 2020 planning is a variety of methods to combine face-to-face…

COVID-19 Planning for Fall 2020: A Closer Look at Hybrid-Flexible Course Design (podcast)

Kevin Kelly: A closer look at Hybrid Flexible course design, with pros and cons #MindWiresOnline

Podcast Updates: POET Readings and new episode “Enter Darkness” at COVID Transitions (podcast)

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