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2020-21 IPEDS Data: Profile of Mid-Pandemic 12-Month Enrollments

I've covered the National Center for Education Statistic's IPEDS data on distance education (i.e., online education) for the past ten years, starting with this 2012 profile and continuing to the recent 2020 profile and analysis. IPEDS…

Podcast Interview: Distance Learning in Higher Education

Mike Bergin and Amy Seeley host a podcast called Tests and the Rest which discusses "the latest issues in testing, admissions, learning, and education with leading experts." I recently was interviewed on this podcast on the topic of Distance…

Alternative View: More than 50% of US Higher Ed students took at least one online course in 2019-20

A more accurate data reporting method shows that more than half of students took at least online course pre-pandemic

Largest Institutions by Online Enrollments In US With Trends Since 2012, in Pictures

The biggest schools by mid-pandemic online enrollment, in pictures

Fall 2020 IPEDS Data: Mid-Pandemic Profile of US Higher Ed Online Education

New IPEDS data showing pandemic-driven acceleration of online education