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Podcast Interview: Distance Learning in Higher Education

Mike Bergin and Amy Seeley host a podcast called Tests and the Rest which discusses "the latest issues in testing, admissions, learning, and education with leading experts." I recently was interviewed on this podcast on the topic of Distance…

Alternative View: More than 50% of US Higher Ed students took at least one online course in 2019-20

A more accurate data reporting method shows that more than half of students took at least online course pre-pandemic

Largest Institutions by Online Enrollments In US With Trends Since 2012, in Pictures

The biggest schools by mid-pandemic online enrollment, in pictures

Fall 2020 IPEDS Data: Mid-Pandemic Profile of US Higher Ed Online Education

New IPEDS data showing pandemic-driven acceleration of online education

Fall 2019 IPEDS Data: Final Pre-Pandemic Profile of US Higher Ed Online Education

New IPEDS data, new online ed profile with consistent but slowing trends