Research-Based Interventions vs. Product Management

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  1. Sue Jones
    Sue Jones says:

    Thanks!!! I work w/ “underprepared” students at community colleges and am, in a word, disgusted with decisions to foist acceleration and co-requisite programs, citing “research” that simply doesn’t apply to our people.
    As you said, “Just because an intervention can work does not mean that extrapolating to interventions at a broad set of schools will work.” I’ve tried to keep up with the research.
    Many are like Gates Foundation – they’ve already decided what to do. Example: When students self-selected to take college-level math despite developmental placement, half were given “intervention” of making sure they went to the tutoring center at the beginning and sending weekly emails… and almost 40% of that group passed, and yes, it was significantly more than the other group. Somehow that’s supposed to mean that we don’t need remedial courses? Douglas, D., Edwards, R., & McKay, H. (2020). First in the world—AMP-UP, Union County College: Final evaluation report. Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, Education and Employment Research Center.
    (That’s one of many examples…)

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