Research Background Prior To Gates Foundation Response

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  1. Kevin R. Guidry
    Kevin R. Guidry says:

    I meant to leave this comment to the first post but I got sidetracked by life events: It sounds like you’re asking about the “theory of change” for this program. If you’re not aware – I’m sure you are! – that’s what some people label the link between a proposed intervention and the anticipated outcome. In other words, it’s the explanation of why that particular intervention should result in the change that is desired. In my experience, a missing or incomplete theory of change is often a good indication that someone hasn’t yet completely thought through a proposal or perhaps is inexperienced in this kind of work (e.g., it’s often something I encounter when reviewing draft grant education proposals – NSF IUSE or CAREER, for example – from junior faculty members who are not trained as educational researchers).

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