Majority of Reported Community College Enrollment Declines Due to Sector Changes

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  1. Jim Luke / econproph
    Jim Luke / econproph says:

    Great find, Phil! I just want to make sure I’m understanding some possible implications. So let’s suppose community college X has been comparing its own % declines in enrollment each year over the decade to the % losses in enrollment for the corresponding year amongst all Public 2 year colleges as reported previously. Let’s suppose that College X has consistently had greater than the national average decline in % terms.

    But the comparison group – the national group – hasn’t really been a constant set of schools then has it because the number or pool of “public 2 years” has actually shrunk due to this migration to 4 yr phenomenon.

    Clearly this migration from 2 yr public to 4 yr public schools has reduced the total absolute enrollment numbers. It seems to me then that it has also made the %-age declines look worse in total than they have been.

    Am I right in thinking that College X which was already doing less in % decline than the national average is probably doing even worse if compared only to the consistent 2 yr public school pool?

  2. Phil Hill
    Phil Hill says:

    Hi Jim, yes, if College X has greater decline (worse performance) than national trends, then yes, it is probably doing even worse if compared to the consistent 2 yr public school pool.

    FWIW: Institution Counts over Time

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