K12, Inc Fired After 270k Miami Students Suffer Disastrous First Two Weeks of Fall Term

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  1. Cassandra alvarez
    Cassandra alvarez says:

    This is just reading as sad! And i mean the author and all the little babies crying. So what that k12 had a hiccup at the beginning. This is the second year my kid has been in k12 and we love it . They resolved the issue. There should be expectation to have issues with so many students enrolling. I honestly marvel at how well they are doing and look forward to another awesome year.

    • Angel
      Angel says:

      I took my son out of brick and mortar school because it was a school system that didn’t care. My son was beening bullied and got to where he hated going to school. So I pulled him out midyear and enrolled him in K12. That was the best decision I have made for my son’s education. Since beening enrolled with K12 he has started to love school again. He is happier and thriving in their program and is now in all advanced classes. He looks forward to logging in each day. When we first made the switch it was a lot to get use to. We get calls from K12 every couple of month just to see how he is doing and to make sure he is still liking the program. Their customer service is also above standard and they are only one call away. Last year my sons computer broke down during Christmas break, I called and got someone on the phone and he had a replacement computer before the break was over. K12 is amazing, and my son will be in K12 as long as he wants until he graduates. Thank you so much K12, INC for being there when my family needed you.

    • Angel
      Angel says:


      My comment wasn’t meant to be a reply to yours. It was meant to be be it’s own stand alone comment.

  2. Tim Holmes
    Tim Holmes says:

    K12 is amazing. The problem is your kids are still attending/enrolled in brick and mortar schools. When we pulled our child out and into K12. The learning went from way under par, with x2 teachers assigned to x1 classroom, that neither cared about our son’s education (x2 recesses a day and more homework than when we went to school.) or safety (Being bullied in class by teachers kin and nothing done about it. Principal didnt even care when we told them we were pulling him out and into the K12 progeam.), to my son LOVING school and flourishing . Last year started off struggling in brick in mortar to, after starting the K12 program finishing in the top 3% in his grade. The course work is amazing, the scheduling is amazing, you can do the course work anytime of the day except your very few live classes, NO homework, etc. . . There are no downfalls. Even when people say all the outages happened. It was the school system you were bottle necking connected through. I live in a urban area and use my cell phone provider for internet. I have zero issues. Just sign up direct to K12, INC and leave brick and mortar behind. Just ask yourself, who truly cares more about your child’s education. You or someone being paid to care.

  3. Amy
    Amy says:

    We love K12. There were a few hiccups with technology for maybe 2 days. But we were warned to expect issues and encouraged to print out assignments and use text books as the issues were worked. The curriculum delivery is easy to understand and navigate. It’s easy to find and track assignments, and teachers interact with the students in each subject. I like that the parent is required to be involved as a learning coach. I find it hard to believe at home, online learning will work without seeing support from an adult making sure students are in task and engaging with the program.

    • Denise R Gamez
      Denise R Gamez says:

      Our family loves K12. We in Arizona, had hiccups but we pushed through. The curriculum with K12 is better than anything you get in a standard brick & mortar school. My daughter and niece are both in K12 and my niece is learning so much more in K12. Districts across the nation weren’t ready for this but they need to realize nobody was ready. I homeschool 5 kids, 5 different schools, 2 different districts and they ALL have issues.

    • Phil Hill
      Phil Hill says:

      Amy (and Denise) – can you describe the hiccups and issues a little more? Specifically:
      – Which days did you have problems?
      – Which part of the systems – logging in in general, or accessing the live video (Class Connect), or some other part?


    • Amy
      Amy says:

      This is my kids first year of kindergarten and we enrolled in k12 for health and safety reasons. Yes, there’s been some tech issues but k12 has been awesome. My kid loves school and just this Saturday asked if she can do some school, on a Saturday! She loves her teacher and enjoys the class connect sessions so much. I love that we have textbooks and activity books as well so everything isn’t just online. My 7th grader enjoys how easy it is for her to navigate between classes and assignments. K12 is great! Yeah any online learning platform is going to have tech issues every now and then. You just gotta roll with it and have a back up plan.

  4. Kimberley Baker
    Kimberley Baker says:

    I have been with K12 in South Alabama for four years now. Yes we had problems with the site kicking us off but we expected it with all the children in k12 this year. We love K12 no matter the problem they try to fix it asap and the teachers are amazing amd so helpful.

      • Tim
        Tim says:

        K12, Inc just kicks the crap out of any brick and mortar schooling I ever had. If ya’ll have kids, it’s a life changer for there future. Only problem me and my wife ran into was talking about moving. It’s not available free tuition in all states. But it is in SC where we currently reside.

  5. Jim
    Jim says:

    I am not sure what k12 you are enrolled in. But a 8 – 10 hour day and mounting frustration has turned my kids from loving to learn.

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