HotChalk Responds to Concordia University Closure with $302m Lawsuit

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  1. Lisa G
    Lisa G says:

    It was the for profit Hotchalk OPM that misled nonprofit Concordia(s). Concordia synod needs to cut ties completely. The other Concordias are also contracted with Hotchalk and are transferring students to them. Hotchalk is the reason for the false claims case and found noncompliance by the OIG US Dept of Ed (ED). Hotchalk paid Concordia’s share of the settlement with ED and then tried having their securities insurance pay……but the insurer didn’t because Hotchalk did not follow it’s third party service provider responsibilities mandated by ED. They sued the insurer and lost; setting new guidelines in the legal world.
    I have a claim with the ED against Hotchalk and in turn Concordia that is being investigated with a copy of the settlement they offered me. Other victims are also surfacing.
    This lawsuit is unwise of Hotchalk.

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