Data Security: It Pays to Ignore

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  1. Alysa Castillo
    Alysa Castillo says:

    You presumably intend these comments for EdTech vendor executives who are going to view everything through the cynical prism of the financial bottom line. You should, however, perhaps also point out that the fact that vendors have little financial incentive to act responsibly and ethically with personal data only heightens the urgency for Higher Ed institutions to exercise care and due diligence in scrutinizing EdTech vendors, since those vendors left to their own devices will take every opportunity to squeeze an extra cent by acting risky or careless.

    • Phil Hill
      Phil Hill says:

      Alysa, my point is general, not specific. Yes, there is an issue of viewing too much through the financial lense, but the bigger criticism is that the higher ed community is blowing it here. Vendors have little financial incentive to protect data, and part of the reason is that HEI and HE media don’t deal seriously with this subject.

  2. Dahn Shaulis
    Dahn Shaulis says:

    Phil, a for-profit system without proper regulation will continue to undermine itself. Even when it has the opportunity to correct itself, in most cases it will not. And that’s not likely to change with a conservative US Supreme Court. There will be some effort from good people to increase transparency and accountability, but that almost seems like a losing battle.

  3. James
    James says:

    there were cases when acquaintances and even relatives got into difficult situations with data theft, since the security staff in all cases worked quickly and very quickly, for which we are very grateful to them! I re-read these tips and understand that I myself could get caught!

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