Audio version of blog posts

COVID-19 Planning for Spring 2021: What We Learned About Hybrid Flexible Courses in Fall 2020 (podcast)

Kevin Kelly looks at Fall results with HyFlex - what we learned and how to adjust in Spring

2020 Year in Review at PhilOnEdTech (podcast)

Covid, Covid, Covid. Also LMS, OPM, and more.

Breaking: Alabama Community College System Voids LMS, Tutoring, and Proctoring RFPs (podcast)

It turns out there are risks with flawed evaluation process. #MindWiresLMS

Reasons for Skepticism in K-12 Student Learning Report (podcast)

Headlines on NWEA study are misleading, and other data show different results.

Noodle HotChalk Deal: More fire sale and less acquisition (podcast)

More of a fire sale than an acquisition #MindWiresOPM

Comparing Spring and Fall 2020 Results From Top Hat’s COVID-19 Student Surveys (podcast)

Kevin Kelly: Comparing survey results from spring to fall of more than 3,000 current college students #MindWiresOnline