EDUCAUSE 2019: Multiple views into educational technology conference

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Looking at EDUCAUSE themes from both our consulting / market analyst role and from an academic administrator / staff role #EDU19

LMS Decommissions: A view of lost clients and campus closures

We talk a lot about which LMS solution is winning deals, but who is losing customers?

Online Program Management: An updated view of the market landscape for 2019

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share an updated view of the Online Program Management (OPM) market in a webinar with WCET. There were too many questions to fully address during the session, and we are planning a joint blog post to address…

Thursday, Sep 26: Webinar on OPM Market with WCET

Upcoming webinar on the OPM Market, with our friends at WCET, this Thursday, Sep 26

The Century Foundation on Online Education and OPMs: Position paper masquerading as a study

A position paper from activists masquerading as a 'study' - flawed analysis but valuable public records on contracts

California Taking a Break in Online Education Dance of Elephants

California shelves three bills that could have had big impact on OPM arrangements and the definition of nonprofit institutions.

Addressing the Decline of Open Source LMS for #altc Discussion

Updated data shows the continuing dominance of Moodle and general decline of open source LMS solutions.

BbWorld 2019: Multiple signs of progress but questionable results

A much better conference than last year, with progress on many fronts . . . but does it matter?

Postscript on 2U Earnings Call Story

Clarification on 2U story - 'institutional suite' and fee-for-service are additive, not replacement, revenue models