Calbright College: There's a reason so few survive the Essentials course

Even if Calbright survives, its learning experience needs to be redesigned. #MindWiresOnline

Instructure Restructure: Significant layoffs hitting Canvas side of the business

Out: more than 150 people and satellite offices; In: PE-mandated cultural change #MindWiresLMS

Further Clarity on Hybridization from Recent Announcements

It's a Hybrid World in Higher Ed for Fall 2020, with "Mostly Online" options as part of mix. No one is going to fully reopen. #MindWiresOnline

The COVID-Fueled Hybridization of Higher Ed

Ignore the false dichotomy - what we are really seeing is higher ed going hybrid #MindWiresHybrid

Simmons University's Decision to Launch Online Undergrad Program with 2U

Simmons and 2U use a little trust to rapidly plan for online fall for undergrads #MindWiresOnline

Podcast Updates: POET Readings and new episode "Enter Darkness" at COVID Transitions

New episode for COVID Transitions, and a new podcast Blog Readings of PhilOnEdTech #MindWires

Planning for Resilience, Not Resistance

Stephanie Moore and Phil Hill: Now is not the time for misinformed views of online education and recommendations of simplistic options. #MindWiresOnline

Blackboard Has Worst LMS Problem in Years, Taking K-12 District Offline for Days

Yikes - not a good place for Blackboard to have these problems, in their own back yard. #MindWiresLMS