Galloway's Rants or Nuanced Reporting: Take your pick on re-opening narratives

Some excellent EdTech reporting on complexities of f2f vs remote - but that won't get you on CNN

Fall 2020 Enrollment in US: Initial undergrad numbers down 2.5% from last year, and other observations

The initial numbers are in - overall 2.5% drop in undergrad and 3.9% increase in grad enrollment.

K12, Inc Fired After 270k Miami Students Suffer Disastrous First Two Weeks of Fall Term

K12, Inc software glitches, combined with cyber attack, leads Miami-Dade to fire company after failed project.

On the Usage of Quality Matters and Its Rubric for Improving Online Teaching for the Fall

Interviews and transcripts with QM staff and some critical perspectives #COVIDTransitions

UNC Reversal: Phase 3 of COVID Transition is Getting Bumpy

Could UNC's decision trigger a much bigger wave of schools reversing course? Chaotic times.

State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Mid-Year 2020 Edition

State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Mid-Year 2020 Edition #MindWiresLMS

Updates on University of Arizona Global Campus Financial Terms

Updated picture of the University of Arizona Global Campus financials #MindWiresOnline

University of Arizona FAQ on Ashford University Agreement for UA Global Campus is Deeply Flawed

University of Arizona leadership shares document that is either delusion, or worse #MindWiresOnline

Zovio Sells For-profit Ashford University to University of Arizona for $1 and Massive OPM Contract

What does Arizona get except invitation to Mitch Daniels and Michael Crowe cocktail party? #MindWiresOnline

Blackbaud on Data Breach: Nothing to see here, move along

Blackbaud has a strategy: don't answer questions, hope to ride the storm out