Reasons for Skepticism in K-12 Student Learning Report

Headlines on NWEA study are misleading, and other data show different results.

Noodle HotChalk Deal: More fire sale and less acquisition

More of a fire sale than an acquisition #MindWiresOPM

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Blackboard with its biggest win in years with Alabama Community Colleges #MindWiresLMS

OPM Market Landscape and Dynamics: Fall 2020 updates

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Podcast Discussion of Engageli, the Latest Video-Based Learning Platform

In this episode, Phil Hill and Jeanette Wiseman discuss the newest video-based learning platform designed for academic usage. Engageli, from two of the founders of Coursera.

My Interview With Sal Khan at CanvasCon

Interview with Sal Khan as he reflects on the past decade since Khan Academy received its initial funding.

The Complexities of Online Education and Fall 2020 Enrollment Data

Some want on-campus, and some want online - but most don't want extended remote.