Podcast Discussion of Engageli, the Latest Video-Based Learning Platform

In this episode, Phil Hill and Jeanette Wiseman discuss the newest video-based learning platform designed for academic usage. Engageli, from two of the founders of Coursera.

My Interview With Sal Khan at CanvasCon

Interview with Sal Khan as he reflects on the past decade since Khan Academy received its initial funding.

The Complexities of Online Education and Fall 2020 Enrollment Data

Some want on-campus, and some want online - but most don't want extended remote.

Quite an Update on Fall 2020 Enrollment in US

The updated numbers are far worse than September's initial estimates.

Clarification on Ashford University and U Arizona Global Campus Potential for Excess Income

Clarification on potential University of Arizona Global Campus financials #MindWiresOnline

California Dance of Elephants Returns: We'll decide what is for-profit education

Another step in the attempted unbundling of federal education regulation. #MindWiresOnline

LMS Market Trends: A view of recent migrations outside North America

A view of higher ed LMS migrations 2018 - 20 for five international regions #MindWiresLMS

LMS Market Acceleration: An initial view in North America

Early signs in both K-12 and Higher Ed that LMS market is heating up. #MindWiresLMS

Galloway's Rants or Nuanced Reporting: Take your pick on re-opening narratives

Some excellent EdTech reporting on complexities of f2f vs remote - but that won't get you on CNN

Fall 2020 Enrollment in US: Initial undergrad numbers down 2.5% from last year, and other observations

The initial numbers are in - overall 2.5% drop in undergrad and 3.9% increase in grad enrollment.