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Enrollments are declining: is it necessarily a bad thing?

Today Magic EdTech released a new episode in their Tech in EdTech podcast, where host Dipesh Jain interviewed me regarding enrollment analysis, with a unique angle asking if the decline in US postsecondary enrollment is necessarily a bad thing. We also discussed the difference in the focus on credentials between India and the US. You […]

OPM Market Forces: Lower revenue sharing and contract length

In multiple podcast interviews, interviews with GAO researchers and investors, blog posts, and keynotes, I have pushed back on the popular but flawed narrative that the Online Program Management (OPM) market is moving away from tuition revenue sharing to fee-for-service as the predominant business model. What I have argued instead is that: Market options are […]

Research Background Prior To Gates Foundation Response

In a recent post on the Gates Foundation-funded CourseGateway initiative, I challenged the claims that adoption of courseware is a key component of improving the performance of underrepresented student groups in gateway courses. Really? Back up that claim if you want us to believe that this initiative will produce any results. The Tyton report funded […]

NSC Enrollments At High End of Estimated Range

Late last week the National Student Clearinghouse put out their initial current term enrollment reports for Fall 2022 in US higher education. The quick read is that overall enrollment across all sectors, for undergraduate and graduate levels combined, declined 1.1% from Fall 2021. As many news organizations have reported, that decline is not as steep […]

Digital Education Summit #DES22 Keynote

In late September I had the opportunity to provide the keynote for the Digital Education Summit #DES22 put on by Sam Houston State University Online. The 11th annual Digital Education Summit, a free, virtual, one-day teaching and learning event promoting best practices and methodologies for online educators in K-12 and higher education. Available on-demand until Friday, […]