Seven Things We Mostly Know About the Planned Instructure Acquisition and Three We Don’t

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  1. Phillip Davis
    Phillip Davis says:

    The only real question is “What other LMS shall I be planning to switch to?”. Once Bb swallowed WebCT and quadrupled the price with ZERO innovations, the market was laid for Josh Coates to come in and create a new product. By 2022 we should be seeing a new LMS emerging. Brightspace II?

    • Jerry Lewis
      Jerry Lewis says:

      While this inserts uncertainty in the LMS landscape, it is worth noting that Instructure is not Angel or WebCT and Tomas Bravo is not Blackboard. Blackboard’s goal for WebCT and Angel was to capture market share and kill off those products. If they spin off Bridge and refocus on Canvas, that would be a good thing for users.

  2. Jim Williamson
    Jim Williamson says:

    There is a possible action against the sale: “INSTRUCTURE ALERT: Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C. Investigates Sale of INST and Encourages Investors to Contact the Firm” ––squire-pc-investigates-sale-of-inst-and-encourages-investors-to-contact-the-firm-300969328.html

    “Bragar Eagel & Squire is concerned that Instructure’s board of directors oversaw an unfair process and ultimately agreed to an inadequate deal price. Indeed, Instructure’s stock has recently traded well above the $47.60 per share deal price. Accordingly, the firm is investigating all relevant aspects of the deal and is committed to securing the best result possible for Instructure stockholders.”

  3. Autumn J Bell
    Autumn J Bell says:

    Phil – any ideas on how this may impact Instructure’s Catalog platform? I believe they were going to phase it out at one point a few years ago. Since we adopted, we’ve seen little effort to grow or improve the product.

    • Phil Hill
      Phil Hill says:

      Hi Autumn, no – I don’t have any specifics on Catalog yet that would indicate a change in what you describe. The question is whether Thoma Bravo considers course content as an area they plan to get into as part of the buy-and-build strategy.

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